About the Author

I really don’t like “about the author” sections.  I suppose I could give you a short list of the things I’ve done for a living as far as my tax returns go- Renderosity.com, DAZ3D.com, Vignette Corp., Darkworld Design, etc etc.  I’ve built dozens of flash games on commission, worked as a 3D artist and animator for 15 years, and still do what I need to put Capn’ Crunch on the table.

But the fire in me isn’t fully reflected in all that- I’m a born storyteller, and I’ve been chasing my imagination and needing to express a love for fantasy/sci-fi artwork, narrative, and games since my earliest memory.  Writer, artist, animator, game developer, hopeless romantic, comedian, dreamer, and even more adjectives than that- all good stuff, but the essence of what I am and what I must do is in storytelling.

I dream about creating the perfect vampire trilogy, the next culture-consuming space odyssey, and writing games that can be everything from sexy to heartwarming, from adrenaline blasting to emotionally resonant, from darkness to light.  I think interactive entertainment is the most powerful medium of communication we have; and though I have no idea whether I’ll see these dreams come to life in front of me I am comforted by the knowledge that there will never be a reason to stop working- I do what I love, love what I do, and plan to continue my contributions to the industry as long as it’s around.