Hello World

So let’s smash the bubbly on the prow of my yacht and get this thing rolling, and don’t let the lack of a yacht and fact that I don’t drink ruin the image…  The first post of a blog is awkward for several reasons- there’s no real precedent, and your subject has to be created and exercised in the same post.  To that end let’s start with this- what is Gameworld Guru?

I am a gamer, first and foremost, but I like to think I have evolved beyond my container.  Myself and the others who will be working on this site are students of the game industry- we’re afficianados, fanboys, developers, artists, writers, and on occasion holier-than-thou uber nerd trolls depending on what the situation merits.  In other words we’ve earned our stripes living and breathing the world that we love, and my hope is that this blog can distill some of our collective observations about the industry- where it is, where it [should be] going and perhaps some insight into the unbridled crazy that is this amazing interactive entertainment business.

So what’s the plan?  Well, I’d like this site to become an unhealthy habit- for us (of course), but also for you!  I’ll be offering my take on what developers out there are doing right, what they’re doing wrong, and what I see as the future of gaming and what the industry needs to learn to get there.  We’ll also bring the funny.  And by that I mean “political cartoons” about gaming, by gamers.  We’ve got a lovely little world in the works called NPCene; and with it we will finally be giving game NPCs the voice that they deserve.  No more sitting in your shop amassing billions of broken daggers because every hero who finds one wants to sell it to you.  NPCene will debut with comic panels like you’d see in the Sunday paper, and that’s just the beginning.

I’ll be doing some game reviews as well, and many will touch on an issue that is near and dear to my heart- women in games!  I’ll be talking about how female characters are depicted, how I’d like to see them depicted going forward, and making fun of critics for screaming about the trees and missing the forest.  There’s a distinction between deliberate fantasy and attempted reality that’s never talked about when it comes to game development, and it needs to be.

Artwork and short stories will also feature on the site, along with something we can certainly all agree on- GAMES.  That’s right we will be featuring games on our website- Flash games to start and then branching out as we go forward.  One of Gameworld.guru’s faces is that we are a game startup.  So it may seem like foot-in-mouth for a blogger to say ‘talk is cheap’ but what really drives us is the thrill of the project.  And there are quite a few!  We’ll be sharing details and offering up what meager entertainment we can for your perusal, refusal, ridicule and/or jealousy.  If nothing else games will make us one of the noisier blogs around.

So welcome!  And if you’ve read this far your check is in the mail. Stay tuned and game on.


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