About the Author

I really don’t like “about the author” sections.  I suppose I could give you a short list of the things I’ve done for a living as far as my tax returns go- Renderosity.com, DAZ3D.com, Vignette Corp., Darkworld Design, etc etc.  I’ve built dozens of flash games on commission, worked as a 3D artist and animator for 15 years, and still do what I need to put Capn’ Crunch on the table.

But the fire in me isn’t fully reflected in all that- I’m a born storyteller, and I’ve been chasing my imagination and needing to express a love for fantasy/sci-fi artwork, narrative, and games since my earliest memory.  Writer, artist, animator, game developer, hopeless romantic, comedian, dreamer- all good stuff, but the essence of what I am and what I must do is in storytelling.

Currently I am finishing my first novel; likely the initial offering in a series. The Darkness and Light of Evelyn Morley combines everything I love about a good yarn. The novel is historical vampire fiction taking place in Georgian England, early 18th century, and I’ve never been so in love with a project. The writing, editing and research have been both rewarding and daunting, and my goal for the result is a dark and engaging tale that appeals to audiences outside the classic vampire genre. Themes of good vs. evil, love and loyalty, revenge and redemption, with nuanced relatable characters, emotional resonance, and just the right amount of humor are what I am striving for, along with historical authenticity and a good dose of Tim Burton-esque creepiness, ancient mystery and of course, romance. I am grateful my day job requires no more than one week per month these days, and I know in my heart writing stories like this one is where I belong, and that this book is the first of many.